TUL Dual Attenuator/-verter and Offset Generator

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TUL Dual Attenuator/-verter and Offset Generator

 Temperature stable and accurate circuit design.
The attenuator is exponential and can be regulated more precisely in the initial range.
As an attenuverter, the fader describes an S-curve, i.e. it is in
Range +/- 0 finer adjustable. The AC gain is 1, so there is no loss at maximum Att/Attv settings.
The offset potentiometer shift by +/- 5 volts and can be switched to another mode on the back of the PCB using jumpers.
Here the attenuation is towards zero made until it is zero (pre fader).
The normal mode leaves the voltage at the specified offset value (post fader).
CH A is normalized to Ch B so you can use two outputs.
Without patching In A/B the Offset Pots send +/-5 Volt out.
Power consumption: +/- 20mA



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