8 tracks SEQ + MIDI converter + MIDI Host USB

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The hermod is an eight track step sequencer as well as a CV looper, a real-time effect processor , LFO generators and a complete bi-directional MIDI-USB-CV input/output interface.

Polymorphic tracks can be composed on the device. A track can be a simple mono CV/GATE voice, but can be easily configured as a polyphonic track (up to 8 voices), a CV/GATE + velocity + aftertouch track, a modulation + clock track.

The Hermod features a dynamic effect system, allowing you to transform input signals, wether it’s MIDI or CV. You can stack on each track up to 8 real-time effects: Quantize, Swing, Arpeggiator, Ratchet, Random, Euclid, Glide, Harmonizer, Delay, Chance, Scale, LFO…

Thanks to its full connectivity the Hermod can synced to plug-and-play midi USB devices, midi keyboards, computers or other eurorack CV systems.


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