Positronic Transient Gate

transient generator

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The Positronic Transient Gate is an extremely versatile, unique transient generator. Unlike traditional slew and envelope generators, the PTG’s transients are derived purely from Vactrol behavior. Rather than using capacitor integrators, the PTG uses current control to exploit all the wonder that Vactrols have to offer. In fact, not a single capacitor exists in the signal path.

The layout is very open ended, providing the flexibility to perform a vast number of unique transient functions never before conceived until now. The PTG is a multifunctional beast that is sure to please!


Bipolar Vactrol Transient Generation
Vactrol VCAs
Envelope Follower
Signal Boosting/Overdrive/Distortion
Wide Range/Response
Over 40 Unique Documented Patches


Current draw




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